Readers’ Pets New Year Edition

New readers’ pets are posted every Monday. Send your pet’s picture (jpg or gif) along with your pet’s name to (Please don’t use photo sharing websites as most galleries expire before we can get to your picture.)

Lucy and Buck from Saskatchewan, Canada have a new year resolution to share toys.. or not, Buttercup’s 2022 goal is to be one of Santa’s reindeer, Abbey is hoping that there are more presents coming, Reedus is ready for a snow day, Molly might of had one too many cookies, Oscar, Simba and Nala wish everyone a happy New Year, Ziva the Airedale Terrier has a grand time in the snow, Havanese beauties Winnie (white—8 yrs) followed by sister Zoe (black and white—-8 months) sparkle in their holiday portraits,  Abel is sometimes also known as Santa Paws, Flint enjoys the the Christmas tree, and princess Peach a few hours after she opened her stocking, wondering “Aren’t there any more plushy stuffed trouts or craft made doggie Christmas cookies?” Even princesses have to face the sad reality that Christmas only comes once a year!

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