The Roost – Coming August 18

The Roost - Coming August 18

     Before COVID, my daughter and I wrote some short stories that are similar in nature to a TV show.  All the stories go together, but have their own endings, and the relationships of the characters continue.  They’re quick, easy, fun, lighthearted reads about a western North Carolina inn with a secret, and the people who live there.
      Then COVID hit.  The stories have been sitting and gathering dust.  Well, no more!  After the past year it’s time to bring these happy, fun shorts to my readers.  As thanks for all the years you have been reading my stories, Alex and I are putting our short stories up for FREE.  And to make it even better, since I have now been to a hair salon, we’re going to do videos!  Every week, I’m going to read a new chapter from the stories and post it on my YouTube channel.
     My publisher, Atria, is also helping with the short stories.  I should have some news to post about that in the next newsletter.  In the meantime, make sure you signup to follow my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on the first chapter of THE ROOST, coming August 18 and every Wednesday after.

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